Capturing Tripoli's Details

I think by now, you all know how much I love Tripoli. The city that reflects the Italian colonization through its architecture, landscape and some of its used phrases. I have published an article called "My Dear Tripoli", I have shared the love I have for this captivating city using only words and people could feel it too. However, in this piece, I will share some pictures I have captured downtown. You will fall in love with it as I did. I always find  new places and details I may have missed with the rush of everyday life.

In these pictures, you will notice vintage details with a modern hint. The fact that I am able to witness the history of it and how it has evolved throughout years is a blessing. Also, the reflection of history in every detail. It is what makes it special. In each picture, you will notice a detail or two and you would want to see more. Enjoy!

Tripoli's International Exhibition 

The Lighthouse

Tripoli's skyscrapers 

Old Building - Al-Megaryef Street 

Omar Al-Mokhtar Street

Tripoli's corniche  

King Idriss's Castle


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