5 Ways to Overcome Creative Writing Block

Soon after writing my recent article (Back to the Dark Days in Libya), I suffered from a creative writing block. At first, I thought that it may last for a couple of days but guess what? It lasted for over a week. I began to get panic attacks because when I have been writing so much, the flow of ideas continues even when I am not writing But, this time it didn't happen. It was serious.

The thing is when you get used to writing for a few months and you brainstorm ideas and possible articles for your blog. You get used to the process. The equation is pretty simple: 
             Brainstorming + drafting = creative writing. And repeat. 
However, creative writing block is the complete opposite because one part of the equation is missing. Thus, there will be no result. I felt my own thoughts stuck. I wanted a way out but there was none. Eventually, stress was building up and I was scared but I didn't give up. Here are the five things I tried to overcome it:

1-    Just start writing. Do it even when you can't.
2-    Read, read, and read. If you can't write, it doesn't mean that you can't read too.
3-    Try to come up with possible titles for future articles. I wrote up to 10 titles that I ended up choosing from.
4-    Remind yourself of the reasons why you started blogging.  This is the most important point.
5-    Look for inspiration online. For example TED-talks or other influencers globally or nationally.

In conclusion, creative writing block was a rough phase but it was important. It made me realize so many things in my writing and readers. I appreciate the creative phase more now. Sometimes, when you are stressed about your next article and the pressure is on, you end up in a dead end which is the creative writing block. All you need to do is relax and take time out to re-evaluate yourself and your work.


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