Back To The Dark Days In Libya

In the 21st century, electricity is taken for granted. It is not a thing we expect to lose in this era. Our lives depend on electricity, in fact, everything does. We use computers, cellphones, the internet, televisions. You name it! We simply can't function without it. I never thoughts in a million years from now that I will write about power and its importance .

Following the revolution in Libya, we have suffered from electricity cuts due to the damaged stations and power overload, they say. I remember the first time the electricity went out, life went numb. I could hear myself thinking. I could hear the slightest sound. I told my mom that we are back to the dark days. Every minute felt like an eternity. It went from hours to days. I felt powerless. But, it made me value time more. It is one of our greatest priorities now. Some families have generators and some don't. Still, both suffer. Refrigerators and washing machines got damaged because of the long hours without electricity.   

Unfortunately, we have been suffering for six years now. I realized many things in my life. You re-prioritize it somehow. Time stretches to infinity and you feel seconds passing slowly. Time is wasted in one way or another. However, how can we use this no-electricity time effectively?

Believe me when I say that I feel depressed and down when the power is out. I mean it. In the end, I am a human being but I learned how to cope. I tried to do so many things. Even though I need to use the internet most of the time but I found alternative activities to do. I read books I couldn't finish sometimes. I brainstorm new ideas, topics, solutions, etc. Another good thing I tried once was meditation. It helps a lot. I try to adjust unfinished tasks to what suits the days without electricity. 

As humans, bad times are put in our way to test us, to test our stamina. Maybe this is happening to check if we are up to it. Actually, we are. I believe these days will be folded in history and we will only remember them as memories in the future. We will tell them to generations to come. We will teach them that power shouldn't be wasted, also, how to value power and its forms. Power is time and vice versa. Our mission is to use it correctly.


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