Aim For The Sky

My mom gave birth to me after seven months of pregnancy. I didn't cry immediately so I had to go through treatments to stay alive. After 45 days of battling back and forth, I let out the loudest cry to celebrate my victory. Though I won the battle, I still had to take medicines to make it in the two months I missed in pregnancy. My parents took me to all the doctor's appointments, revisions, vitamins and anything related to my healing process. My mother made sure nothing interferes with it.
Throughout my last doctor's appointment, he told my mom "Malak will do things that if you have 10 children after her would be able to do. She is perfectly healthy". My mom's eyes lit up and I can now face the world fiercely. My parents said that I was different or maybe unique but all parents say the same about their kids.
I remember sneaking up at night to watch documentaries about sea creatures and scientists, planets and space missions, and I wrote down notes. I wanted t…

It is Beyond a "Block"

Social media platforms are taking over our lives tremendously. People now prioritize their lifestyle according to their activity online. They are not only used for sharing daily activities or pictures, but they became important to make a voice heard. However, it took a big shift.
Some people use social media for different purposes. It is used for blackmailing, hijacking, bullying, harassment, and related actions. It can cause emotional damage and leave deep scars in one's life. It is life-threatening in some cases. Social media could easily turn someone's life into a living hell.
No one really notices how significant of an impact the side effects of social media can put on people. Some can suffer from low self-esteem. The other day, one of my friends talked to me to tell me how she was devastated when someone she knew blocked her on one of social media platforms. She said that nothing was wrong with them and that nothing happened to be blocked. Only then, I figured I realized…

Food was my Enemy

We live in a world where size is a big deal. It is a priority. If any girl struggles with weight gain then she will be an easy target for bullying. Barbie dolls are the first things young girls look up to. It is the image they picture until adolescence.
Sadly, girls can't distinguish between having a fit and sick body. All they care about is to fit in the smallest jeans size. They don't understand that it can reach a point when it is no longer normal. It will affect their thinking and they will slowly be addicted to the idea. Girls suffer from eating disorder and it can reach Anorexia.
I, myself, dealt with an eating disorder when I was 17. Throughout high school, I didn't care much about my weight and I thought I had a nice body until someday, I went to the pharmacy and I weighed myself. I was shocked when I saw 70 kilos on the scale. I went home and I was literally devastated. I just wanted to be skinny and lose all the weight.
Back then, I was facing emotional stress beca…

Libyans Are Still Haunted by Gaddafi's Ghost

Six years ago, Libyans finally liberated from a crucial, dictator, and unfair ruler named Gadhafi. This name or persona had managed to sneak through Libyans and destroyed everything and everyone that came in front of him like a hurricane. Since 1969, the darkest era in the Libyan history began. However, it ended on 2011 when Libyan rebels killed Gadhafi for a new, fresh, and better future for our beloved Libya.
Throughout 2011, I have changed on so many levels. I discovered the love I hold for Libya which I never thought it actually existed within me. It felt like never before. The fact is that I was experiencing it all. The fear of never going back to my home, friends, and family, we feared the outcome of the war. I grew up the 42 years of Gadhafi's ruling system in those eight months of revolution.
Although Gadhafi is dead, his ghost is still haunting Libyans everywhere.  October 23rd marks the 6 years anniversary of that historical day. However, it took a different turn of event…

Education was my Escape

Education is one of the most important factors in life. It is used to mitigate any of the challenges faced. The knowledge that is attained through education helps open a lot of great doors of opportunities. It paves your path towards independence and stability. It does not only financially but on a personal level; you will be wiser in terms of decision making. Also, it will help make your dreams a reality.
I can totally say that education was and is still my cause. It is one of the things I highly support and believe in its amazing power of shaping lives because it has definitely shaped mine. Ever since I was a kid, I loved school and appreciated the fact that my parents made sure I receive the best education. I come from a middle-class family, my mother is a teacher in a public school and my dad is a retired employee. 
They made sure that they save for me and my brother's school fees. It was expensive back in the time since we studied at one of the best private schools in Tripoli…

What Is It Like to Blog? Interview with Muaad Elsharif

Blogging is one of the greatest tools to connect with people in different fields, global and national wise. It has given me the chance to develop and learn from other bloggers and also get their feedback about various articles. This time I am coming up with an interview with one of the greatest Libya bloggers, Muaad Elsharif. He is one of the leading bloggers in Libya and he has been blogging for a long time. His blog is in Arabic and English. Through his blog, he manages to write about big trending topics in Libya and others as well.
When did you start blogging? I started in May 2012; I’ve been blogging for 5 years now.
Why did you start it? I started blogging because I wanted to provide solutions for issues I couldn’t find online myself, and then I started to document my learning curve with different tools and operating systems. Now I blog about personal experiences and different life events I’m dealing with. As well as lessons I’ve learned and comme…

Things I Love About Bullet Journals

We sometimes struggle with organizing our daily tasks and time. Time management is an issue so many fail to fulfill and trying can turn out to be exhausting. We try to get things done throughout the day but we make promises we cannot keep.

I, myself, have been trying to finish my daily tasks in a very productive way. However, it didn't work all the time. I found myself postponing the tasks over and over again. It can be tiring and you end up feeling less productive which can put its toll on you eventually.

I discovered something that helped me with managing everything. Bullet journalling was the answer. I saw it online as one of the most effective tools to use. It is so basic yet very helpful. I wrote my daily tasks, a reminder to drink water, motivating quotes, books I read or to-read and much more.

What I love the most about bullet journalling is that it keeps my ideas and thoughts in one place. Traditional planners are great too but they miss out all the fun you do in a bullet jou…