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10 Libyan Digital Artists You Need to Know

Art is an expressive tool that has been used for ages to transfer an image from different places and cultures. They can be in many forms but they all tend to deliver a message, translate emotions, and transfer us into the artist's mind. It can be complex and simple based on the artist. You can cry, smile, or even laugh. You can go through a roller coaster of emotions just by a certain piece of art. Art can be in the form of pictures, paintings, movies, music, graphics, you name it.
The artistic scene in Libya made a huge come back post the revolution, especially by youth. It was redefined and the revolution amplified its impact. It has risen again and youth are creating spaces within the society by starting exhibitions and workshops, also organizations like Tanarout in Benghazi and Waraq in Tripoli. Digital art is a form that is highly seen within the Libyan community and so many have managed to use their talent to create wonderful images and this time, I thought of putting them u…

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