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36 Libyan Photographers you Need to Know

Pictures have been part of human life for ages. They have been evidence for historical events, political changes, environmental changes, etc. We use pictures to tell stories and to remember memories from the past. We use them to remember our loved ones and those whom we lost. Pictures carry out our emotions and moments so we can remember them one day. We can go to that particular moment through a picture. 
I remember the family gatherings around family pictures and how my aunts were laughing and talking about every picture they had wether in birthdays or back home in my hometown Alqala'a. Pictures will remain after us to tell more stories to generations to come. In this article, I decided to highlight Libya's most amazing and talented photographers, both males and females. This is by far, the longest article I have ever written on my blog and it has the highest number of people as well. I am thankful to every person who approved to be part of this piece and those who refused or…

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