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Preserving Libya's Cultural Heritage Through Pop-Art: Get to Know the Story of the Libyan Artist Alla Budabbus

Alla was born in Benghazi and raised in Tripoli. He has a degree in civil Engineering and he worked in the field for 5 years but he discovered that it was not for him because it is so rigid and he didn't like that.

There was always a silver lining, Alla said. Alla told me that he has always loved crafty work and he still has a crafts book from his childhood to this day. He loved magazines like the columns coordination in Times magazine, lifestyle and fashion magazines and during that time, he was not aware of this love and he has always loved cultural and artistic activities when he was part of the scouts. In Libyan schools, there has always been the focus on the same form of art which was drawing class and it was always one class a week.

It has always been a plain session with no interaction or creativity. The dullness of the system blurred out art and kept is stagnant. We lacked the various forms of art like dance, music, crafts, painting, sculpturing. He said and I quote '…

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