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Why Blogging Hits Differently This Year?

Blogging for over three years now has been surely a blessing. What I managed to discover throughout this journey of writing and documentation have exceeded my expectations. I learned so much from the stories of people I interviewed and it gave me a chance to find a deeper meaning of writing. However, this year, a year that we never saw coming, made us realize many things in life. We appreciate things more because we have a higher chance of losing them now, maybe we did before, but we didn't reach this realization point. Personally, I reached another sense of realization and it is through blogging. This year, I wrote more than any other year. I reached last year's total number of articles last August and writing became easier if I can describe it this way. I interviewed more people and also, I wrote more personal stories. I laid my heart out and I would like to think that no one read those ''personal'' and ''too honest'' articles but I believe so…

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