Into the Zoology Department Museum

Two weeks ago, I got the chance to visit the Department of Zoology's museum at the University of Tripoli. It was arranged with the school I am working in. It was the first time for me personally to know that they have a museum in the department. The museum is full of mummified animals of different categories. 

The department was founded in 1957 and the museum in 1960. In the department of Zoology; students learn about how whole organisms function and develop. It consists of five branches and these are as follows: Environmental Science, Developmental Biology, Entomology, and Criminology. One of the professors there informed me that in the museum; senior students study a course called Natural History of Vertebrates. This course includes the origin and evolution of vertebrates, and their ecology, behavior, and specializations. 

The museum was fascinating and students learned so much about different animals and insects. It is rich with valuable information about the development of our ecosystem and the relationship between various organisms.  It is amazing to see students involved in this science and thrive to discover more about our ecosystem. I will leave you now with pictures I took while I was there and I encourage people to take their children to go and pay it a visit because it is worth it. 


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