6 Lessons I Learned from Teaching

I began teaching about five years ago when I graduated from high school. At that time, I was only 18 and I wanted to provide for myself and be independent. I thought of what I can do at that time and I knew I can start teaching since it is one of the things I enjoy doing the most.

During my teaching experience, I was always on the search for new methods to present my lessons with and I always looked for creative ways to make lessons interesting and different. I prepared every lesson plan with complete dedication because I saw a future in every student I taught as I am making my own future. I enrolled in online courses about teaching methods and techniques to be more aware of every aspect teaching covers. I even took the TKT exam (Teaching Knowledge Test) though I have a chemical Engineering bachelor degree. After spending five years teaching, here are the lessons I learned:

1- Students teach teachers too
If you think that teaching only revolves around the teacher doing all of the work then you are totally wrong. Throughout teaching both kids and teenagers, I have learned a lot from them. It is about teaching and learning at the same time. Passionate and eager to learn students never cease to impress their teachers with their initiatives and projects they create.

2- In classrooms, nothing goes according to plan
People would think that teaching is a plain job where they will do repetitive work which is explaining and simplifying lessons when it is more than this. I learned that whatever a teacher plans for any lesson she gives, she will still be surprised by the students’ reaction and that she or he must be ready for anything. It is a full-time job for teachers to think outside of the box to keep lessons interesting and for students to make the best of every experience they encounter.

3- Confidence is a key
One thing I learned the most during my sessions is to show confidence to students. Once the teacher is confident, students will show respect and will be more confident to speak to her. Confidence can mean trust as well. Students will trust a confident teacher because they know that she or he knows what they are talking about.

4- Students are friends, listen to them
I can say that the best part of teaching is being friends with my students. I got to laugh with them and mostly when they rush towards me for a hug. One of my students once told me and I quote "A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart." At that moment, I knew how much of an impact I had on them and I knew that being their friend mattered, the most.

5- Patience and a lot of it 
I said it before and I will repeat it again. Patience is necessary when dealing with kids and teenagers. Teachers need to be able to tolerate students’ reaction whether they didn’t understand something quickly or when one fights with another student and comes running to you for guidance. Actually, patience is a trait every teacher must possess.

6- Believe in your students and watch them shine

One of the best things I can give for advice to any teacher out there is to believe in her or his students. If they flunk, believe in them and show them the way to do it right next time. If they do well, be happy for them and cheer them along the way. Tell them that they are good and they have great potentials, let them see it through your eyes. 

I know for a fact that teaching made me a better person (and a teacher, too!). Teaching has given me the chance to be a change maker and lead students to create and change their surrounding for the betterment of generations to come. A teacher can inspire and influence generations. Before I became a teacher myself, I had teachers who made me work harder and aspire for more. I am thankful for what I have experienced as a teacher because I fully understand now how it was for them. 


  1. This could be a checklist for anyone who wants to get into teaching! Thanks Malak.


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