Digital Tools are Reshaping Education for Students in Libya

Throughout last year, I enrolled in so many online courses and they have shaped me and helped me gain useful information in various fields. One of the fields I focused on was teaching the English language since it is my favorite language and also, I hope to develop as a person and gain the skills needed in today's world. 

One of the things I discovered was a platform called Edmodo. It is created for teachers and students to connect better and safely collaborate. Teachers can have their classes online where they can upload their lessons and share extra work for them. Moreover, students stay up to date news, quizzes, and assignments. However, I never thought I would actually use it. 

In my recent job, I worked in an international school in Tripoli. Luckily, the school introduces new methods and techniques that teachers must use to improve their teaching approaches and keep lessons interesting. I am the type of teachers who like to try new things and keep students updated and I am always searching for new things and creating innovative tools for them to use in classroom activities. Students were newly introduced to Edmodo and it wasn't easy for all of them to use it but with upper grades, it was a blast for both of us.

I created a poll on social media asking people, both teachers and non-teachers, to vote if they are familiar with Edmodo and by far, over 70 people voted that they have never heard of the website before. Honestly, I am not very shocked with the result but I was glad that few knew of it and they shared their opinion about online spaces created for learning. Also, I asked my students about their experience and one of eighth-grade students answered and I quote Edmodo is the perfect educational platform for students to connect in a motivating environment because it only revolves around learning and teaching so I personally enjoyed it.” Another student’s response was different but quite interesting “In the beginning, Edmodo was a little complicated but once you practice and use it more, you will find it very handy.” In general, students were very happy with it and it added value to their learning experience.

I enjoyed using Edmodo as a teacher because my school created an online space for staff to submit their work online and get things done easily. On the other hand, students enjoyed it too and let them be more discipline towards school work and they made the best of it. If it wasn't for them, it wouldn't have been a great experience and it made my work easier. Edmodo has given me the chance to connect with teachers worldwide and learn from their experiences. There is a new thing to learn every day whether it is about introducing coding, computer skills 101, or even scientific facts and experiments.

It is not popular in Libya yet and teachers don't use it often so getting the opportunity to experience it with my students was special. I strongly encourage teachers to take the initiative and start using it effectively with their students. It will change their classroom vibes and according to students, it made their learning experience unique. 


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