You Are Beautiful

In today's world, your size, height, and features are what represents you. Unfortunately, beauty is determined by these factors. Throughout years, Models have struggled with this, maybe some of them. In order to be considered beautiful, you need to be skinny, tall, have a small nose and appealing eyes. Otherwise, you are considered plain. Why is it so hard for us to call ourselves beautiful? Is it better when people say it?

I have struggled with this myself. Throughout high school, I used to be fat ( or that's how I saw myself). I was insecure about my body and how I looked. I didn't realize that I was I fat until one day, I weighed myself and I was about 75 kg. I wanted to lose weight but I did it the wrong way. In my senior year, I decided to cut off soda. This was probably the only right decision I made. However, I starved myself. I lived on water and I deprived myself of eating. I did it for months until one day, I felt heavy and I couldn't even speak. I lost about 25 kg the unhealthy way. I enjoyed the process and I knew it was wrong.

People couldn't believe how I looked and they told me that I looked good but they never knew what I did to lose it. I enjoyed all the attention I got.  Although I lost all that weight, I still felt insecure and I wanted to lose more weight. I kept on depriving myself. I kept on doing this for three years maybe until, in 2014, I decided to do it the healthy way.

I began to search online for motivation to work out and healthy food recipes. I found out an application called RunKeeper. it helped me get back on track. I loved running. I started to eat healthy food and snacks. I tracked my eating habits but I had cheat days, too. I learned how to embrace my body and the changes it went through. It is okay to not feel like working out or eating healthy. If you want to eat chocolate, do it. Remember, it is all about moderation.

I understand my body better now and I love it. It is okay if I gained a little weight because I know that I will lose it the right way. Every year, I challenge myself. I trained for a 5k, 10k, and a half marathon. I learned that what matters is how I felt, not how I looked. As long as you feel good about yourself, it doesn't matter how others think. Embrace how you look and love yourself.  You don't have to change a thing for the world. Nobody knows you better but you. You should know you are beautiful just the way you are. 


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