Why You Need To Start Blogging

If you ever ask me why I started blogging, my answer will be because I want to improve my writing style. English is not my first language and I haven't lived abroad before so I had to make double the effort to pick it up. Also, I had the best learning environment at school so it has helped me to improve with time.

When I first began writing, I think I was 16 years old. I was just in high school and my English teacher was the one who inspired me to write and read more. To be frank, reading leads to writing in one way or another.

I decided to start a blog in 2011. I wrote down everything I could think off. I wrote about my dreams, thoughts and unsaid conversations. I stopped for a few years then I decided to get back to it. Here is what happens when you start blogging:

1- It brings out your hidden creativity and imagination to life.
2- You end up reading more books and papers about different genres.
3- You get better at writing.
4- It connects you with the world.
5- It can make writing a habit.

I encourage everyone to start blogging. It does wonders, without a doubt! It doesn't matter how big your word count is or how complex your words are. What matters is that by the end of every blog post, you will deliver a clear message and that your words might motivate someone out there.


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