Embrace Life After Graduation

on December 29, 2016,  I presented my graduation project. I presented the production of five years of sweat, tears and hard work.  My years in University have flashed before my eyes with all the sleepless nights and happy moments. It was all worth it.
Regardless of the unstable situation in my country Libya in general which lead to delayed exams, I did it! As college students, we keep running in circles. Studying becomes the center of our lives. Everything else comes second.

However, in my senior year, I went through pre-graduation depression. I called it this way because I realized that I was too close to graduating. Life hits you hard at that point. You're no longer revolving around studying, assignments and exams.

After graduating, life became dull and I seriously didn't know what to do. To those who may not know, I am a Chemical Engineering graduate. Yes, it isn't easy. It has been six months now and I haven't found a job in my field because so many factors count in. But do you know what? I won't give up. This stage is called Post-Graduation Depression.

To avoid going through this stage and instead of doing nothing, I started teaching English and math to primary and middle school students. It is a good way to keep my brain functioning. Then, I discovered online courses and began my journey with a new form of education. I took about 10 courses so far and added new skills. On top of this, I decided to get back to drawing. It has helped me focus whenever I felt distracted. I read five books, one book every month. I am on my sixth one now. Keep it simple.

This article is to every new graduate out there who is still trying to figure it out. Don't be scared, take risks. It is okay if you took on different paths before reaching your final destination. Embrace entrepreneurship and start your dream project. As I said, don't be afraid of taking risks, let them do the magic. And most importantly, be patient.


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