To Life's Second Chances

Life is all about chances and opportunities that await for us to seize them and make the best of each one we get. We do our best and with every chance we get, we learn, we grow, but mostly, we become better versions of ourselves. We discover new things in ourselves and they can make all the difference later on. 

What about second chances? We are most thankful when we get a second chance at anything in our life. It can be a make-up test, extra shift at work, or maybe being accepted into something after you thought it’s over, you name it. I got my second chance early in life. I learned my lesson the hard way but I’ll always carry it with me for the rest of my life. I’ll pass it on to my children in the future to show them how to appreciate life.

My story may seem like any other story but it has definitely opened my eyes to many things. If you are to ask my parents to describe me in a short sentence, they will tell you right away that I always want things to happen quickly just as my birth. I always rush into everything, I have no patience whatsoever. It’s not only a habit but part of who I am.

Not so many people know this but I was born after only 7 months of pregnancy. The majority of newborn babies cry at birth, and doctors try to facilitate that by drying and stimulating them as soon as they're handed over to their nurse. I didn’t cry straight after birth because I wasn’t fully grown so doctors had to put me in an incubator to finish my growing process but there were no guarantees.

My parents never lost hope and they checked on me on a daily basis. My dad always tells me stories about how I was when he comes to check, some days, my weak body turns blue and on other days, I turn purple. The process was long and daunting, however, after a month and a half, I cried announcing my arrival to the world. From my first day in this life which we call it a journey, I learned a valuable lesson which was to hold on to every second chance we get in life because it can be our last but mostly, make it worthwhile. My second chance was a chance to live and have a life. I held on to it as hard as I could and I made it at last.


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