After a Year of Blogging.....

Writing has always been a great tool to tell the unspoken, to share thoughts and memories from the past, to inspire and be inspired and most importantly, to learn. Because of writing, so many people were able to change themselves for the better, thus, change their surroundings.

Ever since I was in high school, I wanted to write and get better but guess what? It took me about 6 years to officially start writing and it became my voice. However, was it fear of the unknown that stopped me from starting my blog? Or maybe my English level made me doubt the process. both ways, to start late is better than never.

One year ago, I started my blog or let me correct, I got back to the blog I started years ago. I remember when I wrote my first article and I was nervous about the outcome. My original purpose of writing was to improve my language and it did tremendously. Writing opened great doors I never thought they existed. Blogging connected me with other bloggers, especially, Libyans. I have gotten the chance to write about my country's beautiful history, childhood, memories, and others. 

Also, blogging has given me the chance to find out other platforms and digital magazines and contribute to them. But most importantly, it gave me power, a different kind of power, the power of giving and creating. It enabled me to think and create powerful content about different events and topics.

I learned to accept others opinions and that not everybody would agree with me. I faced it a lot last year and it wasn't easy to overcome at first. Every article I wrote was directly from the heart and I enjoyed every step of the way. I am looking forward to years to come and mostly to what blogging hold for me. 


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