April’s Fool

April’s fool is one of the most remarkable days in history. It is the day when people are most creative to come up with the most original fool on this day. Some spend days planning for a good one and it takes a lot of guts to pull it off. So many people are dedicated to coming up with the best one ever. 

I only tried to fool people once before and I’m not planning on doing it anytime soon. However, it had a huge response from family and friends and so many of the people I knew reached out to know more details. Two years ago, I posted on my Facebook page that I am in a relationship. It is not something I’d normally share or announce. People couldn’t believe it and were greatly surprised but it showed me the real essence of those whom I know most. 

Another one that was pulled off this morning was done by my boss. She sent a message to all the staff informing us that we have a mandatory workshop to attend this Friday and Saturday. We were all surprised but mostly angry since we have a monthly workshop every Saturday so having another workshop and on the weekend wasn’t something we saw coming. Nevertheless, it was a well-planned fool. 

Every year, people never cease to amaze me but when fools are done in moderation; they are funny but once limits are exceeded, it’s not anymore. If you’re planning to come up with one or even use one of the old fools do. Make it special and enjoy it. 


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