My Top 5 Posts in 2017

I officially began my amazing blogging journey earlier this year. I found the courage to actually start blogging again and I found my voice. Writing has empowered me in so many ways and it enabled me to make my voice heard on an international level. I have written about different topics and contributed to national and international digital magazines and blogs. 

In this article, I will share with you the top posts on my blog according to the highest reviews these received. These articles happen to be my favorites as well. I hope they managed to put a smile on your faces or motivate you to do something. Here are the best five as I call them: 

1- Capturing Tripoli's Details

This is a photo article. I shared in this one some of the best pictures I took in different places in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. The love I have for Tripoli is something more than I can put into words. Maybe these pictures reflected on this love. This article alone received 2268 views.

2- Benghazi Is Belonging Through Benghazians (Part 1)

This article, in particular, is one of the dearests to my heart. It was an idea that popped up all of a sudden and I began to reach out to Libyans from Benghazi on Facebook and Twitter. This article received 771 views. The number of responses I  received was overwhelming and everyone wanted to participate. I could feel the love Benghazians had for Benghazi. It was beautiful to witness. This was only part I and more parts to come.

3- Powerful Libyan Women (Part 1)

This is one of my favorite articles. I wanted to celebrate Libyan women and put them under the spotlight. I wanted people to know achieving women in my society and break the image set for women in the region. This article received 660 views. I am proud of women in my country who are still trying and fighting in different fields to stand out and make it.

4- Reason Why I Got Addicted To MOOC's 

In this article, I wrote about why everyone should enroll in online courses. I wanted to share the motivation I found in these courses. Online learning helped me on so many levels and I gained a new experience because of it. I hope it motivates you as it did to me.

5- Portraying Mental Illness by Libyan Artists

An art exhibition was held in Tripoli a few months ago. It was raising awareness about mental illness. I  was amazed by how powerful and full of agony the pictures and paintings were. It was a great event and I was happy with how youth were the driving force of it.

These were the highlight of my blog. I cannot believe I wrote them and I am thrilled about how this experience is turning out so far. I am looking forward to writing greater articles. 


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