I Saw It in My Dream, SheWrites

A few months ago, it all began with a dream. The dream I never thought would come. Throughout my current journey as a blogger, I have never thought I would receive good feedback from people that would help me develop. However, day by day, it became something I am very much passionate about.
Everything and everyone around me had managed to inspire me to publish new articles every week. I was able to connect to my memory and it brought back good ones along with the bad ones. I had this habit in which I wrote down a keyword or few words about the thing that inspired me to make sure that I would not forget them.
Many of the best articles I wrote were just dreams. I have literally jumped out of my bed in the middle of my sleep after midnight just to write a keyword, I could barely see. But, there was that only night that ignited the flame; it was the spark of something bigger and brighter. It all it took was one word.
I dreamt of the name of my own initiative. It is called "SheWrites". I began to think and work through the word. But fear crept in to hold me back from starting. Nevertheless, I did not want to give up the idea. Writing empowered me on so many levels and I wanted to share it with women in my community, too.
Writing taught me a lot and I am still learning. I want to inspire other women in my community to write better and thoughtful content. I want to empower them with what words can do and make their voices heard. Writing is a magic wand that once used properly, it can do wonders.
SheWrites was the answer to my wishes. On this day, the world will be introduced to the months of doubting and brainstorming. My idea will experience life and hopefully will help others.
 I would not ignore the downs and challenges we will go through on the journey but I am sure it will be worth it. On the same date last year, December 29. 2016, I graduated and on the same date, I launched my online initiative. This can show how much I have changed and experienced throughout this year.
You can visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shewritesly/
If you are a female writer, you can share your work on our website: https://shewriteslibya.wordpress.com/


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