Are You Happy?

Happiness is defined differently from one person to another. Some see it in having money, others in having good health or getting the job they want. We always say that we will be happy once we get what we lack but still, even after we get it, we find ourselves wanting more.

As kids, we just wanted to play, it was our ultimate joy. We didn't have to worry much about materials because we didn't care much about them back then. Once we reach high school and puberty hits, we begin to worry about so many things. For example, our career or educational and social status. We think of how we would survive in this crucial life.

If you are to ask me to define happiness? I would simply say that I feel content with my life and how everything is going. I cherish the ups and downs more now and I know they are there for me to learn. I clearly understand that happiness is not about having it all but embracing it instead.
"Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony". - Mahatma Gandhi

I find happiness in the simplest of things now. A nice comment from someone can make my day, a text message or scroll old pictures. Actually, happiness is surrounding us wherever we go but we are too blinded by the chaos of our daily life. Stress, on the other hand, is the joy killer. 

It is the way we handle it what really helps us reach happiness. This may indicate to a happy ever after which I think is surreal. The challenges and obstacles we face in our life which by we go through a mix of emotions are what makes happiness worthwhile. 

You can be happy in your own terms, but most and for all, embrace the sad moments to enjoy the happy ones. Once you reach the sense of continuity, you will be happy. Also, do not ever try to compare your happiness with others. You can make the best out of what you have in hand and remember that the sad moments are temporary. So, are you happy? 


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