Once a MEPI, Always a MEPI

Change comes in different forms and through different set of experiences which we encounter through our lives. Sometimes, it takes one initiative to change you to the better but sometimes, it takes multiple hits until you fully realize change. Anyhow, change helps us grow and realize our dreams and potentials. After that you will unstoppable and you will shine through your work.

About three years ago, change entered my life through a program I will always remember the lessons I learned from and the amazing and inspiring people I met. Before that change happened, I was more into a stop in motion kind of phase. I was just finishing up my third year in university and I felt too stuck in school life that I had no life to live or dreams to work on making them a reality.

 I felt something was off and I needed to find a solution before it is too late. I was talking to a friend and I told her that I miss the deadline for this program every time it opens admission because I was so caught up in school work. So she told me if she comes across it online, she will send the link to me to apply. Weeks passed and one day, I found a mention on Facebook on a post saying that application is now open for students to apply. I couldn't believe that I finally got the chance to apply.

I applied for the program and a few months later, I was informed that I got accepted after the interview phase. On the summer of 2015, I went with three other gentlemen and I was the only girl accepted. MEPI wasn't just a summer program, it takes a huge part of the person I am today. It was the change I needed at that time and to get the chance to participate in a six weeks leadership program was very unique and challenging. I learned so much about the American community and attended lectures about different topics such as climate change, racism, women, etc. Also, I got the chance to interact and bond with students from the MENA region and in my opinion; it was one of the best highlights from this adventure. I made a small family from all over the region; they became my brothers and sisters. Our connection is still strong until now.

After finishing the training, I came back home with thrive and passion to give back to my community and develop as a person. I have been a member of the Libyan Youth Climate Movement for about two years now. I participated in other online programs about journalism, I am a blogger and content creator, I volunteered with my university's students union, I became a mentor on an online course and I am updating another one now, and I connected with other change makers in my country. You will also be part of a big platform of Alumni within Libya. I highly urge students to apply because it is truly a life-changing experience on so many levels and as the saying say (I think I made this up) "Once a MEPI, always a MEPI." 

If you are a Libyan university student between the ages of 20 - 24 and you want to develop as an individual and engage in your community then you can apply through this link: https://ly.usembassy.gov/the-us-embassy-to-libya-is-accepting-application-for-the-2019-mepi-student-leaders-program/?fbclid=IwAR0Rc5OX_V09B5nRMkujbS6CjDf_iHZook5IajUMSeM8jDqXk1rkBhdHKYM


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