It All Began Here

A picture of my school
School is one of the places we spend most of our lives in. It is the first place we begin to experience life, make memories, and interact with people. We start bonding with classmates and soon after, they become best friends. We don’t only learn by teachers but we learn life lessons that we carry with us forever. For some people, school is just a station that they must stop by to fulfill their dreams and get jobs in the future and for others, it is completely different. For me, it was special.

I studied in the same school from third grade up to senior high school and I spent those years with the same people. Some would think that it was boring and maybe there is nothing special about it but those years were the best years of my entire life. I made friendships with people who literally became my second family. My school is called “Zoohour Al-Andalus” private school. The first idea that would occur to mind when you mention the term “private” is that most kids are spoiled and they don’t learn much and so. In fact, my school was the place I learned the English language in; I was tutored by both foreign and Libyan teachers and teaching methods were effective. It was a diverse community and learning was always enjoyable and challenging. In this place I call home; I was always motivated to create and get better. Bullying wasn’t a term that I would use as so many students struggle with now.

My school was a loving, caring, and supportive environment for any student to have such an experience. This place wasn’t going to be the same if it wasn’t for the school principal “Mrs. Rowaida” or as we call her “Mama”. She is a loving mother and the best support system ever. She treated every student equally and she believed in every one of us. She is one of the very few people who made me the person I am today and I will always be grateful for her. 

A picture with my friends in 6th grade
She loved us unconditionally and made sure that we learn and have fun at the same time. Discipline is her number one rule in school but love was important too. Personally, she encouraged me in every step I took even when I went to college and I still ask her for guidance when needed until now. She made our school a safe environment and not a nightmare for students.

She opened her doors even after we graduated from high school to work in the school. I was only 18 and I got the chance to work as a teacher after spending years as a student. It was a special and fun experience for me and some of my friends. She motivated us to be independent and to always aim for the sky. The way she believed in us cannot be put into words. She gets happy when we are happy and sad when we are sad. She loved us unconditionally. We were not only students but her children. She listened to anyone who needed to be heard and she hugged us for comfort. And also, she made sure that we have extra activities like charity fairs, volunteer work, school musicals and art exhibitions to participate in. She has inspired generations and year after year, more graduate students are a living proof for all the work and time she invested to make us all the best versions of ourselves. 

I spent about 11 years in this place I call home as a student and they were the best years of my life. And two more years after as a teacher. I can proudly say that school was my favorite place because it had all the right elements to learn and develop as an individual. I looked forward to every day to spend with my friends whom I am still in contact with until this day. My story began in this place and if it wasn't for it, it wouldn't have been where I am or the person I am today. 


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