Meet Bahjat: A Libyan artist Who Believes That Music is More Than Just a Dream

I met Bahjat in school. We studied at the same primary and secondary school so we quickly became friends. He was passionate about music ever since we were kids, he used to bring his guitar every day and play with it in recess. He has a melodic voice and he used to sing while playing guitar. You can tell that he has something special for music, his eyes lit up every time he plays or sings.

Later on, he moved with his family to Malta and I lost connection with him (You are maybe wondering why we didn't use social media to stay in touch but I wasn't that active at that time.) Music for Bahjat isn't just a hobby; it goes beyond it. He considers music as part of him and he believes in it. He has a special connection not everyone has and it is incredible.

A few months ago, a friend of mine shared some good news about Bahjat. I came to know that he released his first mini album. I sent him a message to congratulate him when I added him on Facebook. We talked as if nothing changed. He is still the same kind and determined guy I grew up with.  I asked him for an interview to be featured on my blog and he gladly said yes so I hope you all enjoy this interview and you know more about Bahjat.

Q1- First, Can you tell us more about you? 

I was born and raised in Libya and moved to Malta when I was 15 years old, and now I’m currently in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve been singing my whole life and I’ve been writing songs ever since I was 13 years old, which is when I also first started playing the guitar. I’m obsessed with cats, mermaids, chocolate and Taylor Swift. *Mic drop*

Q2- Who has first inspired you in music?

While growing up, my mom would put me to sleep to songs by The Beatles, Michael Jackson, ABBA, so I grew up being really inspired by pop music.

Q3- when did you know that music is what you want to pursue in your life?

I’ve been singing my whole life, but I wrote my first song when I was 13, and it’s been clear to me ever since. When I was 15 I uploaded my first cover to YouTube, and that was the very beginning of me aiming to make it in music.

Q4- What was the breaking point in your career as an artist?

I’d like to believe that the “big break” of my career hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it is because I’m a very ambitious person.

Q5- So tell us about your new single, “Do you remember me?” what is the song about?

“Do you remember me?” is a song that I wrote about someone who I couldn’t really forget, but at the same time, I didn’t have the guts to actually reach out to them again and tell them that I missed them. I kept writing and erasing this text message, and eventually, everything I wanted to write on the message ended up being written in a song instead, and ironically, it is how it always goes. I think she knows by now.

You can now check the song using the link:
Also, you can find it on Youtube:

Q6- How are your parents think of your music? Are they supportive?

Well, my mom is my biggest supporter, fan, and critic. I ask for her opinion on everything I do and I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing without her belief in me. I love her so much.

Q7- do you write your song’s lyrics? What inspires you?

Yeah, I do! The reason I started writing music was because I was a little shy as a child and didn’t really like to leave the house (not much has changed), however, I had a lot of feelings that were bottled-up and needed to get out somehow, and when I discovered songwriting, it became my way of dealing with what I go through in life.

Q8- What do Libyans think of your music?

I have received so much love from back home throughout the past year and I honestly didn’t see it coming. It’s so heartwarming and I’ll forever be grateful for it. There are some people who don’t like what I do, which is completely fine and it happens to every person who’s pursuing something a little different. I believe in pushing boundaries.

Q9- what is your ultimate dream in this career?

I think that my ultimate dream is to be touring arenas and stadiums around the world. I love music because it makes you forget about your problems and worries for a short while that feels like an infinity, and in a live show that is exactly what happens on an even larger scale, so I want to make people feel that way, and put on a show that leaves a positive and euphoric memory in people’s mind.

Q10- will music become your full-time job? Do you have another career choice?

Music has been my focus for the past few years. I have worked on the side to be able to fund my career, but doing music is what I am and will continue to do every single day for the rest of my life.

Q11- what is your advice to anyone who wants to become an artist, especially, Libyan youths?

If your ambition is to become an artist I think that the most valuable advice I could give you is to really get to know yourself first, and what you’re truly passionate about. Take the time to become your own best friend, and rely on yourself more than anyone else.

I think that you have to also realize that this is your life. People will probably talk and judge, but at the end of the day, everyone goes back to their home to focus on their own problems and their own lives.

Put yourself out there, see what people you really trust have to say about your talent, take the feedback and criticism, keep practicing, and do the same thing over and over again. Observe how your favorite artists handled their careers in the beginning stages. You’ll know when the time is right. You have to want it more than anything else.

You can check his latest updates on his Facebook page:


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