4 Methods You Can Use to Document Your Memories

Memories are what make our life worthwhile. Since our first day in our life, our parents make sure to make good memories with us and as we grow older, we get into school and we meet more people whom we will have amazing memories with. It can be a silly joke that made the whole class laugh, or a fight, or even a school trip. We find ourselves remembering it all and wish if we could document it as a video to watch it later.

As I am now older and wiser, I cherish memories more. I think that we should value every single moment we encounter and document it in every way possible. I remember when I last visited the United States, I was walking in downtown Chicago with my friends and we stopped as cars were passing through the green light. At that moment, I wanted to remember the little details, I looked at the faces of my friends clearly and at buildings around us. I saw Starbucks sign around the right corner and people were crossing the road. My friends were looking at skyscrapers, they were very high and huge and of different colors. I remember my friend Zak’s face as he was looking up. On that day, I wanted to document every day of my life with all the good and bad things. So, in this article, I thought of sharing some of the ways you can use to document your memories:

1- PICTURES, of course
It is probably the most used method to document our memories. People before used to take pictures with a camera and collect them as printed pictures but with the use of smartphones, you can save them all on your phone without the need to print them. However, some people still love the feeling they get with printed pictures, it’s more authentic.

2- Take a video
This one is the second common method for those who enjoy motion and sound. A picture can’t reflect the sound and movement since you have to stand still to get a good shot. Videos, on the other hand, are sentimental too because you could hear and see people’s reactions. Videos can take us back to that moment and it’s priceless.

3- Use a journal or a diary
I don’t think this is a commonly used method but I believe it gives the same feeling as the first two methods. I thought of it a few weeks ago. Buy a small journal and what you can do with it is whenever you visit a new place or meet someone (a lover or a friend or maybe a stranger), write down the date, day, and time and also how you felt at that moment. It’s okay if you felt frustrated or sad, just write it down and after a couple of months or a year maybe, you can go through it again and get a flashback of those moments. 

4- Voice notes
If you know me enough, you'd know that I am obsessed with voice notes, they made my life easier and should make yours as well. You can take voice notes to the next level. I tried this several days ago while I was walking down the zoo in Tunis. I went for a long solo hike and suddenly, I wanted to document that moment. I was tired and running out of breath but I was mesmerized by everything around me, hikers, kids playing, dogs, and how empty the road got at some point. I recorded a voice note mentioning the place I was in and expressed myself freely. Listening to it now brings a flashback of that specific moment and it refreshes my memory.

These are some of the methods I highly recommend. However, if you have other methods, don’t hesitate and share them in the comments section below. I’d like to know more creative ways to document memories and how to make the best of them.


  1. I love your pictures here in the blog. May I ask please what camera do you use? and what programs do you use to adjust a photo if ever?

    1. I mostly use pictures from a website called pexels. I used my own pictures in my first articles last year but this website is quick and easy.


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