Do You Really Need a New Year's Resolution?

As the New Year has approached, we all think or prepared our New Year's resolution in which we decide to be better versions of ourselves and aim to achieve things we postponed for so long. We somehow believe in the power of New Year's Eve and that it would somehow make everything perfect. We still believe in its hidden powers and they make us, for a fact, feel good.

At the end of every year, we always look back at how our year went and reflect upon it. We would want to fix or remove certain things about others or ourselves. We set goals we would want to achieve like to run a marathon, lose weight, get a new job, get a scholarship, etc.

At the same time every year, we make sometimes impossible goals that we hope to do every year. We aim to be perfectionists and after few months, we get pumped down by everyday life that we give up easily on so many goals. We get disappointed and blame it on how life can be unfair and busy.

For 2018, I decided to not make a resolution for myself, why would I make one and disappoint myself every single time. I decided to embrace this year and feel good about myself. It is not only for me but it for everyone. It is not about being perfect but being content of our flaws. It is about getting better and growing wiser. I want to feel good about everything life throws at me, the good and the bad. The good things will happen to lift me up while the bad ones will be there to test my limits and make me stronger.

So if you are reading this right now, this upcoming year, don't sell yourself short and make sure that you get what you deserve. Also, be active and stand up with a cause or join in an organization you have always wanted to join. Make an impact among your peers and put a positive impact on the slightest act of kindness and empowerment.

Add new skills or a new language, it is never too late. Work on the progression of yourself and make it better day by day. Enjoy the ups and, most importantly, embrace the downs and learn from them. Break gender stereotypes and pressure on your equal right as a human. Do not let society norms fit you in specific field or category, you can work or study anything you want. There are no limits.

It is okay if you missed out something throughout the year. As I mentioned earlier, embrace both the good and bad things. Don't give up, always keep trying and your year will do the work. I hope your year turns out good and you always feel good. Make it the year of feeling good. 


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