It is Beyond a "Block"

Social media platforms are taking over our lives tremendously. People now prioritize their lifestyle according to their activity online. They are not only used for sharing daily activities or pictures, but they became important to make a voice heard. However, it took a big shift.

Some people use social media for different purposes. It is used for blackmailing, hijacking, bullying, harassment, and related actions. It can cause emotional damage and leave deep scars in one's life. It is life-threatening in some cases. Social media could easily turn someone's life into a living hell.

No one really notices how significant of an impact the side effects of social media can put on people. Some can suffer from low self-esteem. The other day, one of my friends talked to me to tell me how she was devastated when someone she knew blocked her on one of social media platforms. She said that nothing was wrong with them and that nothing happened to be blocked. Only then, I figured I realized the big impact.

Nowadays, our emotions are connected directly to social media. No one realizes the damage until they actually feel it. She said that the feeling she experienced when she found out that he blocked her was an utter shame. She felt embarrassed for herself and him. Also, she felt awkward. "It was painful," she said and it is still haunting her to this day. It left a big scar that is so deep which she does not know if she can move on. She tried to search him on Facebook to apologize and she did.

Nevertheless, she received no reply from him. It looked as if he removed her completely and she does not exist anymore. Guilt and pain crawled up her back, whispered in her ear, sunk its claws  & dragged her down into. Especially as she hated to end a relationship with someone she had great respect for but he didn't appreciate it after all!

Another friend went through a similar situation. She said and I quote "I was left on delivered by a very dear person to my heart for two years. We had an argument but I didn't know why he decided to not talk to me again". She was left without a mere explanation and she cried herself to sleep every night. She looked for an explanation but got none. It took her a while to move on and stop all the wondering and it took a lot of effort to do. She felt broken for a long time because she didn’t see this coming from him in particular.

When you get to know someone and somehow you build a good friendship with them, you won't process the idea of them removing you from their life without any reason. Let alone, if it is through social media. The effect of this differs from one person to another. Some people will react normally to this and some will be deeply hurt no matter what. In both cases, it is okay to feel so.

The role of social media developed from being a tool to basically waste time but to become an essential part of building connections, sharing valuable content that would reach out to hundreds, and open gates of opportunities to so many people out there. In addition, it can still have this black hole that would absorb some people into it and turn their lives into a nightmare. It is beyond a block button you click or unfriend, it is a life of a human being you are playing with.   


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