Food was my Enemy

We live in a world where size is a big deal. It is a priority. If any girl struggles with weight gain then she will be an easy target for bullying. Barbie dolls are the first things young girls look up to. It is the image they picture until adolescence.

Sadly, girls can't distinguish between having a fit and sick body. All they care about is to fit in the smallest jeans size. They don't understand that it can reach a point when it is no longer normal. It will affect their thinking and they will slowly be addicted to the idea. Girls suffer from eating disorder and it can reach Anorexia.

I, myself, dealt with an eating disorder when I was 17. Throughout high school, I didn't care much about my weight and I thought I had a nice body until someday, I went to the pharmacy and I weighed myself. I was shocked when I saw 70 kilos on the scale. I went home and I was literally devastated. I just wanted to be skinny and lose all the weight.

Back then, I was facing emotional stress because I was away from home and my country was facing a war to bring down the former regime. I was also stressed about my weight. I started my battle with food. Food was the enemy so  I drank water most of the time. I only ate breakfast for two months straight. Therefore, I woke up every morning exhausted and I fainted many times.

I kept on this for almost four years until I found my way to a healthier lifestyle. The only thing which helped me was running. It has helped me in many ways. So, I now run for three years and I understand my body better. I know the changes I go through and that food is not a poison, it is a medicine.

I encourage girls to understand their bodies better and that we are obligated to take care of our health as well. A size is just a number. It doesn't matter, in fact, your health does. It may take some time to get to this point but I am happy now. Anorexia and Bulimia are severe. Don't let today's advertisement blind you from what matters the most, your health.


  1. That's a great post Malak, and I hope you post in detail about your diet change soon.

  2. I am happy to know that you're in a healthier style now.


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