Feb 17th was a Dream and is Still a Dream

Like today, seven years ago, the first spark of the Arab Spring ignited in Libya. It was the day that Libyans began protesting for Freedom, the cost was blood and tears but nothing comes easy in life. We thought that we were liberated and life will be better for Libyans.

We thought that the nightmare was over and our dream of a free country became a reality. The country has been facing downs more than ups. The bright side, which I am incredibly grateful for, is the increased participation of youth in different sectors. So many around the country are leaving their positive impact regardless of the known political scene, they are refusing the current situation and it can say a lot.

Hiba Shalabi Photography
However, the fight is still on. We have been paying back for our freedom every single day. Queues have been created in front of gas stations, banks, supermarkets, you name it. The high dollar price against the Libyan dinar made life even harder. We no longer have middle-class families, it is either poor or rich just like black and white, no grey in the midst of it.

You realize it is no longer safe when you start watching out from your car's rear mirror if anyone is following you. When you lock your car once you get in it. When you watch out for your family and pray nothing bad happens when you go out. We are simply living on the edge of life but we remain hopeful for a better tomorrow.

In my opinion, February 17th was a dream for so many Libyans but unfortunately, it is still a dream. Struggles and difficulties are still thrown at us just as hard pebbles, it will leave a mark on you that it hurts every time you touch. I will not lose hope for a better future for our beloved country.  This shall be over soon and we shall celebrate our liberation anniversary when we truly gain it.


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