Libyans Are Still Haunted by Gaddafi's Ghost

Six years ago, Libyans finally liberated from a crucial, dictator, and unfair ruler named Gadhafi. This name or persona had managed to sneak through Libyans and destroyed everything and everyone that came in front of him like a hurricane. Since 1969, the darkest era in the Libyan history began. However, it ended on 2011 when Libyan rebels killed Gadhafi for a new, fresh, and better future for our beloved Libya.

Throughout 2011, I have changed on so many levels. I discovered the love I hold for Libya which I never thought it actually existed within me. It felt like never before. The fact is that I was experiencing it all. The fear of never going back to my home, friends, and family, we feared the outcome of the war. I grew up the 42 years of Gadhafi's ruling system in those eight months of revolution.

Although Gadhafi is dead, his ghost is still haunting Libyans everywhere.  October 23rd marks the 6 years anniversary of that historical day. However, it took a different turn of events. Freedom is used for all the wrong reasons now. The fact that Gadhafi is not dead, his soul and twisted mind lie deep within most Libyans.

Unfortunately, we are only liberated by name. Liberation turned out to be beyond killing Gadhafi; it is more of eliminating the mindset which Libyans were blinded by. He made sure that ignorance is rooted deep in Libyans. Also, greed and hatred. The side effects of the 42 years of oppression and silence made Libya fail hard as a result.

Let us not blame it on Gadhafi. The age of dictatorship had ended and a new Libya must rise not fall. We, as Libyans, must acknowledge our actions and put an end to those who are failing the country. We must cut the roots of ignorance and plant the roots of knowledge and education. Today, we shall not celebrate liberation. We shall celebrate six years of drought, death, and disappointment.


  1. Indeed, a lot needs to be done to fix the situation in Libya. Well written Malak.


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