Productive Sleepovers

 Sometimes, we may struggle with trying to be productive in usual days let alone in sleepovers. It is not an easy task to get things done while hanging out with your best friend. Sleepovers usually mean watching movies, eating (A lot) and taking so many photos. By the way, we did all of this.

However, my best friend and I took sleepovers to a whole different level. When your best friend is a teacher, Youtuber and a Vlogger. There is no way you will waste your time whatsoever. You simply end up being more creative.

We can still have fun while working together and inspire one another. We call it "productivity sessions" to come up with ideas, brainstorm new ways and write down our To-Do-Lists. Here are the steps to do so:

1.     Get your laptops, notebooks, tablets and as many pens you can get.
2.     Start by writing down your ideas and then share it with your best friend/s and discuss how you can improve your pitch. 
3.     Order your list and start with the one you are most passionate about because you will get it done focused. One step at the time.
4.     Don't forget to make a timeline so you won't get overwhelmed.
Lastly, I hope this can help people who find it hard to get things done and feel guilty after having fun. You will get back to reality but try to make the best out of your time anywhere and stop making excuses.


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