Who Run the World? Girls

Women everywhere around the world are thriving, working hard, creating, and inspiring. So many people consider women as housewives when they are more than this term. In fact, housewives are the ones who raise generations with high values and morals; they teach their children the importance of education and the first to show them the meaning of organizing and multi-tasking. Labels are just created to either lift people up or bring them down.

On March 3, 2018, women are celebrated worldwide and featured with their achievements and success in every country. Social media platforms are filled with personal stories of women who made it in history and reshaped their communities. Every picture, article, or video is full of meanings and determination.

My mother was my first inspiration and teacher. She works as a teacher but she is more than one. She taught me lessons of life and how to stand up for myself. She always encourages me to do better and believes in me like no other. She strongly refused to raise me traditionally and she never pressured me into getting married. She keeps telling me to make my dreams come true and learn daily. The woman I am today is because of her.

It doesn't mean that obstacles no longer exist, they exist to be the living proves of how women are overcoming them in spite of how bad or difficult they are. Women should never be portrait as victims or under graded because they are vulnerable. Our vulnerability is what infuses us with strong emotions and the fact that we can show it makes us powerful. We are not ashamed to show it to the world.

Women must celebrate their success every day, this day is just a reminder of the importance of our unity. Women can lift women up and support each other no matter what. One day is not enough, let's celebrate one another and spread love, kindness, and grace. Each one of us is special in her own way and nothing can stop us. 


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