365 Days of Violence against Women

365 days is more than just a period of time. Women are being abused or harassed every day of the year. It happens around corners, in schools, at work, on the streets, in homes. It is unpredictable and you can never see it coming but still, they have their ways.

One woman in three, according to the United Nations, suffers from psychological, sexual, and physical abuse. In my society, the lack of law enforcement,  I hear so many stories about wives being abused by their husbands. So many cannot do anything about it because they have less power to face it and the society is not supporting or providing support for women. Because of social barriers, it wouldn't be right, especially for women, to report her husband to the police. She would only be shamed by people.

Therefore, some women advice those by holding on for the kids and it's okay because he's your husband. It is the same script I keep on hearing over and over again and it's not okay. The side effect is when kids have to carry the burden with them and see their mother being abused by their father.

One of the stories I heard lately was about a little girl who her uncle claimed he found her strangled by the swing. The examining doctor said that he brought her assuming that she is still alive. When she examined her, she found out that she was sexually abused by her uncle himself before being strangled to cover his actions.

Many other similar stories which happen every hour everywhere, still, the abuser is never considered guilty. Actually, guilt and shame are always thrown at women and girls. They are considered the constant variables of this unbalanced equation.

We always end up thinking of solutions. We ask ourselves what is the answer. We have the numbers and statistics but do we have the action? Can we end it? Can we stop it? The answer is yes. One of the most effective solutions is through education. A well-educated woman of her rights and, especially, her wellbeing is a necessity.

Women and young girls must be educated about violence through scheduled workshops in schools and workplaces where they can understand and implement the lessons learned clearly. Also, women can empower each other by sharing stories of survival. Suffering and agony can be simply turned into strength and hope. The age of silence is over and women ought to speak up.


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