Thank You, Project Silphium

Project Silphium was first founded in 2014 by a group of Libyan activists who are born and raised in Libya. They started the project to empower Libyan women all over Libya. From this project, they seek to create a safe platform for women to share and create powerful content in different fields.

In addition, they educate women and people about feminism and gender equality. Also, to shed light on Libyan women problems, struggles, and inspiring stories. They have been sharing stories of hope and success in spite of the situation in Libya and managed to not only inspire but they connected women together.

I have discovered the group in 2015. It has helped me personally to learn new skills, meet new people and inspired me to keep moving forward. They show great support and provide guidance whenever I am in doubt. I never thought that I will get attached to this group the way I do now. It became part of my life and the friends I made are priceless.

Project Silphium group is now bigger and wider. Women are helping each other within the group and connections have been created. Women on it are now more aware and they are helping each other without anything in return. I met a girl in the group and we don't know each other. She has helped me with finding a publication for an article I wanted to share. After the publication approved my article, she said and I quote: "I see myself in you and your success is my success and all women in Libya". Her words made me realize the size of impact Project Silphium has left in all of us without even noticing.

Concluding, I would like to thank the founders of this group and all the women in it. You made it special for all of us. We are now united. Project Silphium group is not only a group, it is our home now. You will find support, encouragement, and love. I encourage every woman to look for it because it made us feel the change we want to make in this world and that is by making it in ourselves.   


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